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DramaCoolSeptember 10, 2022

Watch Fahlanruk (2022) Dramacool Series Online. This series is also known as, Fahlanruk the Series , Fah Lun Rak , Fa Lan Rak , ฟ้าลั่นรัก เดอะซีรีส์ , Friends With Benefits.

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Summary of Fahlanruk (2022) Series

Fahlan is a handsome young man who studies economics, good at both academics and sports. Sherbet is an architecture student, good at playing music and singing. These two young men meet one day and can’t help but feel something for each other.

Their relationship began with sex, being friends with benefits. Even though the two of them have never seriously considered dating someone, Fahlan finds that he feels a lot more for Sherbet. He instead tries to escape his feelings for fear of getting hurt. Prince, Sherbet’s friend, who knows the problem, tries to help so his friend overcomes this fear.

But things get more and more turbulent when Fahlan mistakenly thinks Prince is interested in Sherbet. But Prince is also in love and with none other than “Gear”. Ping and Tap, close friends of Fahlan also try to help their friends to be successful in this love, but there is a problem in their hearts. When Tap finds out that Ping feels more for him and doesn’t see him just as a friend. cause both of them to start building a wall in their hearts.

What is the Genre of Fahlanruk Thailand Series?

There are different genres of Romance, Life, Youth.

When is the Premiere?

The Fahlanruk Thailand Series is going to premiere on 11th of September, 2022.


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